level 1

* smoky room

-- health going down (due to smoke)

  • Walk toward fireplace room, once inside turn switch to release the smoke
  • push bookcase to the side, revealing a picture

* dining room

-- tables in room come alive (trap)

level 2

  • hall

-- left side of hall blocked by debris

-- right side intersection?

north hall: to kitchen (nothing happens)

south hall: Hall to Foyer

--Hall light followers player

--once player enters Foyer complete darkness (player is attack by unseen force)

east hall:

  • 1st Hall Trap

--rooms move player into other rooms until player reaches end of hall

  • bathroom

--steam from pipes injure player

  • pump in corner (beating like a mechanical heart)
  • destroy the pump

--once destroyed water fills the room

--lift vent and enter (find the crowbar)

--use crowbar to break down door

* level 3

hall puzzle

--secret corridor leads to the nursery


--break doll(s) to find key to jewelry box

--open jewelry box (find girl's head)

enter hidden door (leads to tunnel)


-- enter pantry


under construction

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